With Pet Inspired Gifts, Who Says Pet Moms Can’t Celebrate Mother’s Day?

At shaggy Chic Pet Boutique, we have an array of adorable dresses and Mother’s Day tee-shirts, leashes, collars and pet charms. We have a variety of charms in our shop that are beautifully designed in pewter, enamel, or in crystals and will let your furry pooch feel simply adored and spoilt.

Another great gift idea is to treat your Mother’s pet to a bath, cut, and “peticure”? It’s the perfect way to have your Mother’s dog be clean and smell wonderful for the day.

Pets are an important part of our family, for most of us. Every day is a special day for our loving pooches. And Mother’s day reminds us to express love to others around us. After all, we are all deserving moms at heart. Having said that, if our pooches could talk, they would bark away, wag their little tails and sweetly lick our faces, to remind us on this special day, they’re our babies too!

Happy Mother’s Day from all of us at Shaggy Chic

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Customers ask me all the time for carriers that don't look like the traditional pet carriers.  And for dog friendly perks, we have carriers that you can take to the movies, restaurants, shopping and even to your favorite restaurant.

A carrier isn't just a way to take your pet to the vet anymore. There are carriers that look like a woman's purse; carriers that are backpacks; pet and computer bags; carriers with wheels that look like luggage and carriers that convert into beds and car seats.
We also understand the importance of ‘airline approved’ carriers that are made specifically to fit under your seat.     For people who aren’t able to physically tote their pet around on their shoulder, we suggest a stroller, its simple and easy to use.   


Shaggy Chic caters to the needs of the pet owner who like to travel with their pet.
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Time and time again, we fall prey to the sweet manipulations of our furry little companions.  As some of us reflect back to the first moment our eyes met, we knew that hairy little pooch glaring back at us would inevitably play a huge role in our lives.  
In these chaotic times, we all have our ups and downs. When life takes its toll on us, I suggest we take a moment to snuggle up with our furry, four-legged buddies. I know when I get a wet nose and long lick on my face, I feel so loved. Take a deep breath and all your angst and worries will slowly fade away and in no time, you will look into those wonderful eyes of theirs and know how deeply we are loved.
Let love be your friend and their pure delight.
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Dogs and Cats love coming to Shaggy Chic because we make sure their time here is full of gentle love and pampering. Our staff gives your pet/pets the utmost respect, warmth and quality care. Grooming your pet is an important part of their health, hygiene and overall well-being. It not only makes your pet look better, but also makes them feel much more comfortable.  

A question that is frequently asked is if their pet will be caged. The answer is yes, for a short time. After the bath and cut, the pet is put in a cage, with a towel to lay on, to finish drying. We then call the owner to tell them their pet is ready to go home.  Typically, your pet will be ready within an hour or so (except for the furrier breeds) and not left waiting in a cage all day. And for the occasional pet who might stay slightly longer, they can relax on a cozy bed in our office. All of us at Shaggy Chic make sure to give undivided attention to your pet at all times.  
I recently had a customer who complained that her dog was crated before their grooming session. I think its important for pet owners to know that any professional salon will stand by their commitment to safety and will ensure that their pets are kept cool and safe. It is for your pets protection to have their own space while they are in our shop. Not all dogs are "dog friendly". And at Shaggy Chic, all pets are crated in the grooming room with the groomers and not in a separate room. 
At Shaggy Chic your pets will be treated with the same love, care and respect we show our own pets.
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I am a passionate advocate of rescues and always promote the safety and welfare of pets. Many of us overlook how important it is to purchase, or renew a dog license.  
Purchasing a license will protect your dog if he/she accidentally gets out and gets lost, so we encourage our clients at Shaggy Chic to make sure their dogs have license tags.  
A license helps other pets too. $7 out of every $20 license and $2 out of every $100 license goes into the Spay/Neuter Trust fund to help insure that everyone can get his or her dog or cat spayed or neutered.
If you have a dog that is not licensed, or who has an expired license, and live in Ventura County, you can visit one of our facilities in Camarillo, or Simi Valley. 
Our shop issues, and renews, licenses for unincorporated areas, mainly Oak Park, CA. 
Along with a license, it is also a good idea to have a name tag, and to have your pet microchipped. Our shop does provide name tags, too. Consult with your vet regarding microchips.
License Fees for Ventura County
$20.00 per year – Altered animal with certificate of rabies, certificate of sterility, and chip number, over the age of four (4) months.
$75.00 per year- Unaltered animal, with a certificate of rabies, chip number, and over the age of four (4) months
For more information go to:
Being a good samaritan is an important part of ensuring the safety and protection of animals. Make sure to tell every Pet Owner to renew or buy a pet license today.
At Shaggy Chic Pet Boutique your pets will be treated with the same love, care and respect we show our own pets.
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For nearly a hundred years the Girl Scouts of America have raised funds with Cookie Drives. We at Shaggy Chic Pet Boutique support this wonderful cause.

If you stop by in the coming week, you will not only be able to choose from a ready selection of treats for your own sweet tooth –  you can buy a little Girl Scout uniform for your favorite pet!

The yummy cookies I have are:
Thin Mints (sold out)  *  Do si does * Tagalongs *  Savannahs *  Samoas * Trefoils




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This year's Oscar nominated films include a wonderful performance by Uggy the dog in "The Artist." This amazingly smart (and cute!) Jack Russell Terrier is a big part of why "The Artist" is such a hit, and we are sure to see a lot of him during the ceremonies.
If you want to join the fun, here are a few movie themed costume ideas for you and your pet. Dressing your pooch like Uggy is clearly one way to go. You can also give him or her an apron if you're rooting for "The Help," a Hawaiian shirt for "The Descendants," a beret or bohemian sweater for "Midnight in Paris" or perhaps even a little dinosaur outfit for "The Tree of Life."
Have fun with your pooch on Oscars, as they are the real Stars of the day!
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Every day is Valentine’s Day with our pets. The relationship is a pure love relationship, after all! They love us unconditionally. They just want to be with us wherever we are. Throughout our hardships, our confrontations, and our challenges, our little loved ones always show up. They are always present loving us. They’re satisfied by the simplest shows of love and comfort. They represent the Valentine spirit every day throughout the year.
Let’s make February 14th our day to give back to them. Let’s thank them and show them how much we adore them. Take them for an extra long walk, weather permitting. Buy them something new that they need. Craft a menu of their favorites!  Shaggy Chic has great treats to choose from. We even have a boxed cake mix to make cupcakes! Some of our other goodies to recommend are Stella and Chewy nuggets, yummy bully sticks, jerky treats, and our newest “Dogitos”, which is very crunchy.

However you celebrate with your pet, remember that it is above all a day to take extra time. Acknowledge them with kisses treats & hugs. If your partner is willing, let your pet have that spot on the bed that they’re always fighting for!

Happy Furry Valentines from Shaggy Chic!
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A customer came into my shop yesterday and told us that a stranger had come up to her, and told her: “That harness you have on your dog is ugly and too big.” I hated to agree, but he was right. After she dropped her dog off, we tried on a fine harness that we carry in the shop – it works with a Velcro seal on the back and a clip for extra security. It not only fit him perfectly, but looked great on him. The dog walked “taller” and seemed so much more comfortable, secure, and happy.
We carry different types of harnesses here. One choice slips over the head and fastens around the body with a clip. Another style, which is quite popular because it is so easy to put on, is the step in. The front legs "step into" the harness and the harness wraps around the body and simply clasps together. We have one other that is made from leather and is a step-in and buckles on the top.
If you wonder why a harness might be preferable to a simple collar, consider this. Many dogs who wear a flexible harness, eliminate pressure from their necks and prevent possible trachea and other injuries that collars might cause. They also work much, much better for teaching your puppy not to pull when you are training them. The tension is more evenly distributed around the pooch’s body. What’s more, while some wily characters are able to pull their heads free of their collar, a good harness fits snugly around any dog’s shoulder and chest. You are able to have better control. Always make sure your harness slides easily over your pet’s head,  and fits comfortably around their body, and that they are able to freely move about. Let your pup wear the new harness around the house for a few hours, allowing time to adjust to the new feel before you go out on your first jaunt.
I have plenty of beautiful collars and great harnesses in my shop. I will always advise my customers to buy a collar for fashion and for dog tags, and the harness for safety and better control over their pet.
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Shaggy Chic has been in business now for 4 years. During these years, I have met a lot of wonderful people who have opened their hearts to adopt "their rescue" dogs. Every one of these rescues are special. We have dogs that are missing an eye, leg, have diabetes, are blind, need very specialized diets, and quite a few have other issues. We have been told countless times,  "I have a rescue that can't be in a cage, that are old and can't stand for long, that doesn't do well around other dogs, etc.Š"  We open our hearts to these people who have opened their hearts to adopt pets who come with issues. 
It is the beginning of a new year. It's a time when many people set new goals for themselves, which we call New Year's Resolutions. The goal I am setting for my shop, is to support rescue adoptions. There are three
organizations I have used for my own dogs. The Brittney Foundation, The Forgotton Dog Organization, and The Amanda Foundation. Of the three, the Amanda Foundation is the only non-profit animal charity in the Los Angeles area to own and operate a full service veterinary practice. This allows the organization to keep their rescues under a vet's care from the moment the dogs are rescued until they are placed with their new family.

Here at Shaggy Chic Pet Boutique all of us love every pet pooch and cat that comes to us for grooming, no matter how intense their needs, we make sure they are loved tenderly and responsibly.

We wish you and your wonderful pets a Happy New Year!

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