A client of mine recently came in asking for advice about her dog’s safety as she was about to move into a top floor apartment.  This has never been an issue before because she has lived in a ground floor apartment for years. I understood, having dogs of my own, the importance of her concerns and felt I needed to take the proper amount of time to help her find the best solutions.

Her dog is a tiny little pooch, full of spirit, and amuses herself chasing birds and getting into the trash.  It occurred to me to ask her a series of questions to help identify the potential hazards that lay within the apartment’s parameters. I realized some hazards for dogs are the same as for toddlers. So, I helped to solve the problem by protecting her pooch the same way I protected my kids when they were babies.
Her number one concern was that three windows in particular were without screens and she is on the 7th floor.  You can imagine the fears one has when facing such a dilemma. Plagued by anxiety, she feared that her dog could be provoked by a bird, or other distractions, and leap out a window.
Researching both my business products, as well as talking to a vet, I presented the following TOP TWO products that would best suit her needs.
1. Scat mat for dogs
This is a great product that will help your pet learn how to avoid areas protected by the mat. When the dog steps on the mat, she will receive a gentle pulse through her paws.  This sends a message to the dog and teaches it to recognize off limit areas.
Pet Gates
Gates are a great way to contain your dog to avoid areas which are out of bounds, or, otherwise dangerous. I personally use a dog gate in my home, as well as in my shop.
I am happy to special order any of the above items for you, as well as tailor your needs for your dog’s safety and security.
I believe a happy home is a safe home.
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It is the beginning of a New Year and we at Shaggy Chic are delighted to celebrate being in business for 5 years.  Like all of us, New Year is a time when many people set new goals for themselves.  At Shaggy Chic we wanted to encourage our clients to come up with fun New Year intentions for their pets. 
I am delighted to share our customers Top Ten Intentions for 2013
  • I will not share my food with you every time I eat 
  • I will only feed you treats that don’t give you gas
  • I will make sure your teeth are healthy will regular teeth cleaning appointments
  • I will brush you regularly to prevent your hair from matting
  • I will make sure you eat balanced meals throughout the year
  • I will create a healthy, peaceful environment for you to sleep
  • I will make sure you're groomed regularly for a healthy shiny coat
  • I will no longer wake you up from a deep sleep just to rub your belly and throw you around the room 
  • I will regularly walk you no matter how cold or wet it is outside 
  • I will love you responsibly and keep you safe and secure at all times
2013 is going to be a great year for you and your pet. Happy New Year from all of us at Shaggy Chic!
At Shaggy Chic your pets will be treated with the same love, care and respect we show our own pets.
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Thanksgiving dinner is my favorite meal of the year and just thinking about this dinner, makes my mouth water. I love turkey with crunchy skin, stuffing with onions and sage, piles of sweet potatoes with melted marshmallows on top, green beans with those yummy fried onions, brown and serve bread rolls (with lots of butter, of course) and lastly, delicious pumpkin pie with Redi-Whip Cream –  Food that's simply irresistible.
My family and I, established a holiday tradition of going to Mammoth each year.  Our pets are as much a part of our family as any of the humans are, so there are always a few four-legged .  I remember those beautiful and wonderful times where my belated dog Millie would share the spirit of Thanksgiving.  
One memory that my family loves, is when my father spilled yummy turkey drippings all over the front of the range and onto the floor. Millie had a feast helping to clean up the kitchen. Every year after, she would come crashing through the front door, and make a bee line straight for the kitchen looking for spilled drippings. Thankfully, she had an iron stomach and was able to wolf down her juicy turkey bits.
As the owner of my own grooming business , I have many customers who have dogs with allergies and other medical problems. In our efforts to promote proper dog care and nutrition, we encourage our pet owners to protect their pets with healthy food habits for Thanksgiving. We suggest the following thoughts:
  • It is OK to give small amounts of cooked turkey
  • It is NOT ok to give turkey bones, skin, or RAW turkey
  • It is OK to give a little sweet potato or cooked vegetable
  • It is NOT ok to give onions, herbs, raisins, or heavy gravy
  • It is NOT ok to give bread rolls. The dough might expand in the stomach and cause bloating 
Be careful where glasses and plates are set down. Our dogs are happy little thieves and will drink our liquor, steal that juicy turkey leg off our plate, and whatever else they can get their teeth into. Be especially aware of dishes laced with chocolate candy and snacks set out for guests.
Between that drowsy sleepy feeling you get after eating a large meal, and the urge to sit down and watch football or fall asleep,  try to make an effort to take yourself and your furry friend for a brief walk.  As we burn off calories, our pooches get to enjoy our company and work off some extra energy, too.
Remember, our dogs depend on us, as they are part of our family.  
All of us at Shaggy Chic want to wish everyone a Happy, and Healthy Thanksgiving
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The child in every one of us loves to dress up for Halloween, and in that sweet spirit we also love to dress our dogs. After all , our pets love to walk with us on every ordinary day. Keeping us company as we go door-to-door on this night of special fun is a delightful change of pace for a pooch. They get petted and fussed over by people in fascinating masks, while the night air is full of the smell of countless treats. If we've dressed them up in a way that is both comfortable for them and appealing for everyone they meet, so much the better. 
There are many costumes available for our pets. However, not all costumes are comfortable for a dog. Always make sure the costume fits properly. It should be snug and warm, but must never pinch or in any way make it difficult for them to walk or play. We have many costumes to choose from at Shaggy Chic Pet Boutique, and you will receive a 20% discount for all Halloween items.  Our costumes range from 19.99 to 39.99 and are very comfortable to wear for your dogs. 
As for treats? BE CAREFUL! It is so tempting to share our treats with our pets. Most of us know better than to ever feed chocolate to our dogs. If you're new to caring for a dog, learn and remember: chocolate is like poison for a dog. Another dangerous item is Xylitol, an artificial sweetener present in most other human treats.  It can cause liver damage and affect their blood sugar. If your dog does eat chocolate, take them to the vet immediately. You can also induce vomiting so the chocolate or Xylitol won’t be digested, then go to your vet. Check with your vet about how to do this.
This is so important that I must repeat it a final time: Do not EVER share your candy with your dogs. We have many treats at Shaggy Chic that you can carry with you, so that while you treat yourself, you are able to also treat your dog.
Have a safe and fun Halloween from all of us at Shaggy Chic Pet Boutique  & Spa
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V& K Martin are brilliant specialists in the craft of making cozy, inviting, deeply comfortable beds for our pets. We are proud to stock these at Shaggy Chic. They are washable, reversible, made of suede and soft fur and can accommodate a variety of shapes and sizes. Some are squarish and bolstered evenly on all four sides. Others are oval and cleverly pillowed so as to prevent the fabrics from bunching. They range in price from $138 to $200 dollars and are worth every penny. Your pooch will curl up and dream peacefully.

At Shaggy Chic your furry friends will be treated with the same love, care and respect we show our own pets. 


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We’ve been gone all day and as we come in the front door, our dog/dogs are so excited to see us, they greet us by jumping. In the wild, when the pack leader comes back from hunting, they are greeted by their pack by jumping and licking the corner of their mouths. So, because we are our dog’s pack leader, we are treated the same. This is the most common problem people have concerning dog training. It is easily fixed. We contribute to their jumping by petting them, or even just touching our dogs when they jump on us. Even pushing them away can be misinterpreted as ““Good Dog”. 
The magic word to use is “Off”. Not “Down”, which is the command to lie down. “Off” is the same word that we use for keeping our dogs off the bed, furniture, and ourselves. As your dog jumps, lifting your leg and bending your knee will block your dog from jumping on you. Your knee will bump your dog on it’s chest and prevent them from jumping on you. Saying off at the same time will help train your dog learn that command.
When I come home, I ignore my dogs until they are calm. Then I will pet them and say hello. I have a friend who won’t even make eye contact with her jumping dog. She will walk around the room and ignore them til they calm down. She is careful to reward them with affection only when they keep all fours to the floor. They do get a treat when they sit and listen.
Regular exercise always helps in general. A tired dog is usually a calmer dog.
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You may find yourselves laughing at your poor pooch as it scoots its itching butt across the floor. Think again.  This could be a serious warning of an impacted or infectious anal gland.
It’s important to be mindful of this important detail in every dog’s basic hygiene. Their anal glands gather toxins over time and store them. They need to be “expressed,” which is to say pressed to release stored-up wastes on a regular basis and this is best done with professional help. It’s a healthy preventative to help alleviate infection or even prevent ruptures.
At Shaggy Chic, we express anal glands for the smaller breeds. The larger breeds, generally, will express them on their own. And, we will not express the glands internally. If a dog needs a deeper express, we refer the owner to their vet. 
If you haven’t yet done this, be sure to ask your local groomer for an “Anal Express.”  At Shaggy chic, we encourage our pet owners to pop in for a quick anal express, and nail trim in between baths, if needed. We understand how important it is for a dog to release built up fluids. After all, the anal glands are a dog’s ID card to other dogs.  
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Tomorrow commemorates 4th of July. Whether your community is celebrating a splendor of delights or throwing  a huge fireworks display, make sure to keep your pets safe. Sadly, more pets go missing around 4th of July, than at any other time of the year. And, noisy fireworks are to blame. Our pets can become panic-stricken by the noise and run away to find refuge. 

Safety tips for 4th July

1. It’s important to keep your dog on a leash if you are out and about. A dog’s first response to loud noise is to run. The shelters report that 4th of July is the busiest time of the year for rescues. 
2. There are medications that will reduce anxiety if dogs on the market. We carry Rescue Remedy, which is holistic and comes as a liquid. A few drops will help enormously with anxiety. 
3. And lastly, there are ways to help your dog become comfortable for the future. Gradually introduce loud noises. You can play music, even fireworks on TV. Eventually, your dog will become used to different levels of noise. 
All of us at Shaggy Chic Pet Boutique wish everyone a Happy and Safe 4th of July.












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New puppies can be uncomfortable and even afraid of riding in cars. Making them comfortable, and even happy, as passengers is an important challenge, because driving can be hazardous enough. None of us wants to be distracted from the road while trying to pacify our new furry friend.  The risks are too overwhelming.
Happily for all of us, dogs like simplicity and clarity, and the best solutions are very simple and very clear. Place a comfortable little bed on the seat for your dog. Ensure that this arrangement is tightly secured from slipping and sliding on the upholstery. Taking along a couple of puppy treats the first time you ride with them is a great way to coax your friend to enjoying sitting in the car. If they still seem anxious, run the engine and sit idle in the driveway.  Let them get used to being with you in this rumbling environment. Take them for short rides at first, for at least a couple of days. Once they’ve relaxed, go on longer journeys. If at any time your dog trembles, drools, whines or pants, be alert. These are strong signs of anxiety. Take it slower until they are fully integrated with the car.  
After all, safety is the most important thing. For a dog in a panic state, going slow for short trips is far better than ever putting them through a grueling experience. One great way to put your pooch at ease is to make their first rides a trip to a dog park, or a hiking trail. Let them associate climbing into a car with a destination that is fun. Once they have positive associations with riding about, they’ll always be ready to join you.
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Are you a Dog Dad? Every day is Father’s Day for your pooch, just as every day is Mother’s Day for all us Dog Moms. Today can be extra special all the same. Whether you’re a single Dad, married, or just the best friend of someone you love, invite your furriest friend to help celebrate all you do for them every other day of the year. At Shaggy Chic, we have a wonderful assortment of treats and toys for fun games with your dogs. Kong toys, which are for the aggressive chewers, just came in. If hiking, or boating, is your preference, we have backpacks and lifejackets for the adventurous dogs. We also have many care and grooming products with which you spoil them every other day of the year. 
Make today extra special! After all, there’s nothing more powerful than being hugged, licked and reminded what a great Dog Dad you truly are.
Happy Dog Dad Day from all of us at Shaggy Chic Pet Boutique & Spa.
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