The Off Word For Little Jumpers


We’ve been gone all day and as we come in the front door, our dog/dogs are so excited to see us, they greet us by jumping. In the wild, when the pack leader comes back from hunting, they are greeted by their pack by jumping and licking the corner of their mouths. So, because we are our dog’s pack leader, we are treated the same. This is the most common problem people have concerning dog training. It is easily fixed. We contribute to their jumping by petting them, or even just touching our dogs when they jump on us. Even pushing them away can be misinterpreted as ““Good Dog”. 
The magic word to use is “Off”. Not “Down”, which is the command to lie down. “Off” is the same word that we use for keeping our dogs off the bed, furniture, and ourselves. As your dog jumps, lifting your leg and bending your knee will block your dog from jumping on you. Your knee will bump your dog on it’s chest and prevent them from jumping on you. Saying off at the same time will help train your dog learn that command.
When I come home, I ignore my dogs until they are calm. Then I will pet them and say hello. I have a friend who won’t even make eye contact with her jumping dog. She will walk around the room and ignore them til they calm down. She is careful to reward them with affection only when they keep all fours to the floor. They do get a treat when they sit and listen.
Regular exercise always helps in general. A tired dog is usually a calmer dog.
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