Thanksgiving Tips For Our Furry Friends


Thanksgiving dinner is my favorite meal of the year and just thinking about this dinner, makes my mouth water. I love turkey with crunchy skin, stuffing with onions and sage, piles of sweet potatoes with melted marshmallows on top, green beans with those yummy fried onions, brown and serve bread rolls (with lots of butter, of course) and lastly, delicious pumpkin pie with Redi-Whip Cream –  Food that's simply irresistible.
My family and I, established a holiday tradition of going to Mammoth each year.  Our pets are as much a part of our family as any of the humans are, so there are always a few four-legged .  I remember those beautiful and wonderful times where my belated dog Millie would share the spirit of Thanksgiving.  
One memory that my family loves, is when my father spilled yummy turkey drippings all over the front of the range and onto the floor. Millie had a feast helping to clean up the kitchen. Every year after, she would come crashing through the front door, and make a bee line straight for the kitchen looking for spilled drippings. Thankfully, she had an iron stomach and was able to wolf down her juicy turkey bits.
As the owner of my own grooming business , I have many customers who have dogs with allergies and other medical problems. In our efforts to promote proper dog care and nutrition, we encourage our pet owners to protect their pets with healthy food habits for Thanksgiving. We suggest the following thoughts:
  • It is OK to give small amounts of cooked turkey
  • It is NOT ok to give turkey bones, skin, or RAW turkey
  • It is OK to give a little sweet potato or cooked vegetable
  • It is NOT ok to give onions, herbs, raisins, or heavy gravy
  • It is NOT ok to give bread rolls. The dough might expand in the stomach and cause bloating 
Be careful where glasses and plates are set down. Our dogs are happy little thieves and will drink our liquor, steal that juicy turkey leg off our plate, and whatever else they can get their teeth into. Be especially aware of dishes laced with chocolate candy and snacks set out for guests.
Between that drowsy sleepy feeling you get after eating a large meal, and the urge to sit down and watch football or fall asleep,  try to make an effort to take yourself and your furry friend for a brief walk.  As we burn off calories, our pooches get to enjoy our company and work off some extra energy, too.
Remember, our dogs depend on us, as they are part of our family.  
All of us at Shaggy Chic want to wish everyone a Happy, and Healthy Thanksgiving
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