Teeth Cleaning for Pets

February is National Pet Dental Month for our dogs and cats. We need to protect our pet’s teeth and take care of them, just like we do! All of us have seen that cute dog whose tongue keeps sliding out the side of his mouth. This is often a comical sight, but it comes at a high price for them – it means they have lost some of their teeth.

Tartar buildup is normal, so the examination and cleanup in most cases can be handled on the spot. If your pet’s breath is so bad you have to turn your head when they kiss you, then it is time to get their teeth cleaned. If there is a need for more serious care, such as deep attention to the gums, for example, or perhaps an extraction or two, Barbara will recommend what needs to be done. Your pet’s comfort and safety are our first priority.

Professional veterinarians recommend a checkup for pets on average of once per year. Remember: Infected gums or an abscessed tooth can affect an animal’s kidneys, liver and heart. You always want to stay ahead of this problem, that is why we always take dental health seriously as part of the grooming process, … We can help!

It is therefore extremely important for a pet’s overall health that we take an active interest in getting their teeth checked-out and cleaned whenever possible. On Saturday, Feb. 12th, Barbara Bell will be at our shop for her monthly visit to clean teeth. (She is at our shop every second Saturday of the month) Her specialty is anesthesia-free teeth cleaning. This means that your dog, or cat, will be awake during the teeth cleaning.

We always take dental health seriously as part of the grooming process, and this is why Barbara Bell is at our shop once a month. Don’t miss this chance, call for an appointment now?

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