Tail Wagging Is The Canine Way to Gain Friends

If our dogs could talk, I wonder, what would they say? I think we would all agree that most pooches would ask, if not beg, for a blessed treat. Just because our dogs aren’t able to have a serious conversation doesn’t mean that they aren’t communicating with us. In fact, our dogs are trying to talk to us all the time. An observant dog owner can easily understand the message their pet wants to convey by observing the “wagging tail”, the movement of their ears, the expression in their eyes, the way their bodies move, and their enigmatic smiles. Some experts believe that a tail waggling madly is a great indicator of stress verses excitement.

We often take for granted how we greet someone, with a smile and a handshake. The wagging of the tail is simply doing just that. It’s the canine way to gain friends. Dogs are pack orientated and have a well defined hierarchy. A dominant dog will wag its tail held high and stiffly upright, where as a dog ranked at the bottom of the pack will give a slower, much lower tail wag. This is a significant tool for dogs to identify the pecking order. As their tail is wagging, their anal glands are squeezed to excrete an odor where pheromones are released. And in turn, they express a unique scent to help determine and identity each dog. In other words, tail wagging is great social tool for our pooches to leave their calling cards. It’s a dogs Matchmaker.com in the making.

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