How To Stop Your Dog From Jumping Off A Building

A client of mine recently came in asking for advice about her dog’s safety as she was about to move into a top floor apartment.  This has never been an issue before because she has lived in a ground floor apartment for years. I understood, having dogs of my own, the importance of her concerns and felt I needed to take the proper amount of time to help her find the best solutions.

Her dog is a tiny little pooch, full of spirit, and amuses herself chasing birds and getting into the trash.  It occurred to me to ask her a series of questions to help identify the potential hazards that lay within the apartment’s parameters. I realized some hazards for dogs are the same as for toddlers. So, I helped to solve the problem by protecting her pooch the same way I protected my kids when they were babies.
Her number one concern was that three windows in particular were without screens and she is on the 7th floor.  You can imagine the fears one has when facing such a dilemma. Plagued by anxiety, she feared that her dog could be provoked by a bird, or other distractions, and leap out a window.
Researching both my business products, as well as talking to a vet, I presented the following TOP TWO products that would best suit her needs.
1. Scat mat for dogs
This is a great product that will help your pet learn how to avoid areas protected by the mat. When the dog steps on the mat, she will receive a gentle pulse through her paws.  This sends a message to the dog and teaches it to recognize off limit areas.
Pet Gates
Gates are a great way to contain your dog to avoid areas which are out of bounds, or, otherwise dangerous. I personally use a dog gate in my home, as well as in my shop.
I am happy to special order any of the above items for you, as well as tailor your needs for your dog’s safety and security.
I believe a happy home is a safe home.
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