How To Pack A First Aid Kit For Your Pet

Having the foresight to keep a First Aid kit handy for the people we love is one challenge. Keeping one for our pets is something few of us think of, though we ought to.  Here is what you’ll need: a secure bag with good seals and snaps that are waterproof and easy to carry. Pack a splint if you like, but remember that if you pet is ever injured, your key goal is to get them to a veterinarian or an animal hospital.  Your main concern is to have supplies handy that are primarily for minor injuries, cuts and scrapes. You’ll need petroleum jelly to soothe scrapes, anti-bacterial ointment for cuts, styptic power to stop bleeding. You’ll need bandage material, hot and cold packs, a muzzle – so that your beloved pet doesn’t bite you. 

If they are suffering, it won’t matter how much they love you; they may snap at you. You’ll need a small flashlight; tweezers, for thorns and Foxtails; eyedroppers, a towel or blanket, and – most importantly – a current photo, in case you and your pet get separated. For hot weather, you want a drinking bowl.  If you’re planning a hike in unfamiliar woods, call ahead and get information about poisonous snakes and predators in the region as well as some sense of the trails underfoot. You may want to invest in dog-booties, if your pooch can be trained to keep them on. And you’ll want to bring along small amounts of charcoal, hydrogen peroxide – to induce vomiting if there’s been a poisoning.  

Always keep veterinary phone numbers near at hand. Also: poison-control hotline numbers; and (this is extremely important) up-to-date vaccination records. Keep this kit in your house or car at all times!  

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