How to Keep Your Pets Warm and Dry

We’ve all been surprised by the cold weather this winter across the United States. All Pet owners on the East Coast you would be wise to protect your critters from harsh winds, snow and ice.  Southern California has had her fair share too and its important as the weather is changing here, to make sure your pet is warm during the early morning and evenings.

If you keep an outdoor cat, be aware that they are very clever about seeking warmth. Sometimes they will even crawl under the hoods of cars. My friend has made a practice of banging on the hood of her vehicle and on very cold days actually opening up for a quick look before switching on the engine. Make sure your little friends aren’t napping in there!

As for your dogs, make sure to feed them extra protein. This is particularly good for their fur. You can find foods available in stores that are protein enriched. Or? Feel free to add small pieces of cooked meat such as chicken to the food you are already serving.  When it gets really cold and dry, our pets can suffer from irritation and dry skin, coconut oil is especially good and can be used topically or internally.

If your pet is shorthaired, consider getting a little sweater for them. If they are spending any extended time outdoors, PAWZ are perfect for your pet to keep their paws warm and dry throughout the winter. They are Disposable Reusable rubber Boots and much like rubber gloves keep our hands warm and dry, our dogs enjoy the same comforts.  PAWZ come in Packs of 12 in varying sizes and colors.  They are a popular brand in our store and our customers are very pleased with them.

Winter-weather affects our pets just as it does our selves. Even though here in the west we jump from warm temperatures to cold overnight, it is important to pay attention each day, not just to what you’re wearing as you go out, but how your pets are doing. Are they comfortable? Are they shivering? They won’t be able to tell you. It’s up to us to look after them.

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