How to Get Your Pet Licensed In Ventura County


I am a passionate advocate of rescues and always promote the safety and welfare of pets. Many of us overlook how important it is to purchase, or renew a dog license.  
Purchasing a license will protect your dog if he/she accidentally gets out and gets lost, so we encourage our clients at Shaggy Chic to make sure their dogs have license tags.  
A license helps other pets too. $7 out of every $20 license and $2 out of every $100 license goes into the Spay/Neuter Trust fund to help insure that everyone can get his or her dog or cat spayed or neutered.
If you have a dog that is not licensed, or who has an expired license, and live in Ventura County, you can visit one of our facilities in Camarillo, or Simi Valley. 
Our shop issues, and renews, licenses for unincorporated areas, mainly Oak Park, CA. 
Along with a license, it is also a good idea to have a name tag, and to have your pet microchipped. Our shop does provide name tags, too. Consult with your vet regarding microchips.
License Fees for Ventura County
$20.00 per year – Altered animal with certificate of rabies, certificate of sterility, and chip number, over the age of four (4) months.
$75.00 per year- Unaltered animal, with a certificate of rabies, chip number, and over the age of four (4) months
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Being a good samaritan is an important part of ensuring the safety and protection of animals. Make sure to tell every Pet Owner to renew or buy a pet license today.
At Shaggy Chic Pet Boutique your pets will be treated with the same love, care and respect we show our own pets.
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