Halloween Tricks For Treating Your Pets

The child in every one of us loves to dress up for Halloween, and in that sweet spirit we also love to dress our dogs. After all , our pets love to walk with us on every ordinary day. Keeping us company as we go door-to-door on this night of special fun is a delightful change of pace for a pooch. They get petted and fussed over by people in fascinating masks, while the night air is full of the smell of countless treats. If we've dressed them up in a way that is both comfortable for them and appealing for everyone they meet, so much the better. 
There are many costumes available for our pets. However, not all costumes are comfortable for a dog. Always make sure the costume fits properly. It should be snug and warm, but must never pinch or in any way make it difficult for them to walk or play. We have many costumes to choose from at Shaggy Chic Pet Boutique, and you will receive a 20% discount for all Halloween items.  Our costumes range from 19.99 to 39.99 and are very comfortable to wear for your dogs. 
As for treats? BE CAREFUL! It is so tempting to share our treats with our pets. Most of us know better than to ever feed chocolate to our dogs. If you're new to caring for a dog, learn and remember: chocolate is like poison for a dog. Another dangerous item is Xylitol, an artificial sweetener present in most other human treats.  It can cause liver damage and affect their blood sugar. If your dog does eat chocolate, take them to the vet immediately. You can also induce vomiting so the chocolate or Xylitol won’t be digested, then go to your vet. Check with your vet about how to do this.
This is so important that I must repeat it a final time: Do not EVER share your candy with your dogs. We have many treats at Shaggy Chic that you can carry with you, so that while you treat yourself, you are able to also treat your dog.
Have a safe and fun Halloween from all of us at Shaggy Chic Pet Boutique  & Spa
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