Grooming Matted Hair

In the three years since our shop opened, we’ve been fortunate enough to deal with many wonderful rescue-animals, who have often been saved by our loving customers from dire conditions. We have witnessed one success after another in their adoptions by these wonderful people.

One problem that comes up a lot is that many of these dogs, and even some cats are brought to us with badly matted and tangled fur. They were so cruelly neglected or maltreated prior to their new homes that straightforward brushing has become impossible.

Where other groomers might, with good intentions, try to force the issue, we believe this is particularly stressful, even agonizing for the animal. At our facility we prefer a more sensitive, straightforward solution.

Most people who come to us have more routine problems. In simpler cases, brushing is best, but if the tangles are too challenging we prefer to snip at the problem, if only a little, rather than make any creature suffer needlessly.

Sadly, in extreme cases where the dogs are seriously neglected, my head groomer Laurie will either crop their fur closely or in rare cases we have no choice but to shave them. The fur grows back readily, cleanly, and the dog or cat hasn’t suffered needless pain all.

We are proud to offer a stress-free environment. We care about our pets and the people they love.

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