Get Your Dog Back into Shape

We’ve had Hanukah, Christmas, New Year’s and Super bowl.  Now that the holidays are over, we’re ready to re-evaluate the New Year. Not only are we looking at ourselves, but also we look at our children and our pets, which are a reflection of us. We want to do the right things with our pets, and sometimes our best intentions are not always enough; especially when we’re taking care of everybody else.

During the holidays we might have become slightly lenient with our food and with what we feed our pets. What’s more, even our friends who come over might not be able to resist slipping a snack, or two, to our pets. We’re all in a festive mood, and without meaning to, we’ve given our pets a bit too much turkey, stuffing, latkes, and maybe sweets.

Along with the holiday food, there has been an abundance of winter storms all over the U.S and Europe this year. Because we don’t want to go outside, our pooches have been taken for fewer walks. The result is that not only have we put on a few unwanted pounds, so have our pets. Cutting back on their daily exercise can affect their moods and most importantly their digestion. They are affected the same way as us; possibly upset stomachs and bathroom issues.

How do we remedy this? There are general schedules we can all adhere to. And as we all know, the problem does not originate with our pets; it is ourselves we need to retrain. The healthier and more disciplined we are in our own eating, the more we are encouraged to get out pets healthy and back into shape. We need to feed our pets their daily meal, and only give them appropriate snacks.

If your dog, or pet, has a bigger belly than its head this season, here are some tips:

The equation is simple; fewer calories eaten with increased exercise equals healthier bodies.

Make sure to feed your pet in the morning and during the evening (which I personally do). Like us, they need fuel to keep their bodies functioning all day. Activity, age, and breed, of your pet, usually determine the portion. The suggested portion is found on the kibble bag, or talk to the person you buy your food from.

If you do give a snack, make sure it isn’t empty calories. I sell treats that are high in protein and fiber, and low in carbohydrates. Some treats that I can suggest are made by:

Stella and Chewy, Free Range, Grandma Lucy’s, Blue (wheat free), Dog Jerky (the dogs love this), are few. There are many high quality brands out on the market now.

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