Every Day Is Valentines With Your Pet


Every day is Valentine’s Day with our pets. The relationship is a pure love relationship, after all! They love us unconditionally. They just want to be with us wherever we are. Throughout our hardships, our confrontations, and our challenges, our little loved ones always show up. They are always present loving us. They’re satisfied by the simplest shows of love and comfort. They represent the Valentine spirit every day throughout the year.
Let’s make February 14th our day to give back to them. Let’s thank them and show them how much we adore them. Take them for an extra long walk, weather permitting. Buy them something new that they need. Craft a menu of their favorites!  Shaggy Chic has great treats to choose from. We even have a boxed cake mix to make cupcakes! Some of our other goodies to recommend are Stella and Chewy nuggets, yummy bully sticks, jerky treats, and our newest “Dogitos”, which is very crunchy.

However you celebrate with your pet, remember that it is above all a day to take extra time. Acknowledge them with kisses treats & hugs. If your partner is willing, let your pet have that spot on the bed that they’re always fighting for!

Happy Furry Valentines from Shaggy Chic!
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