Does Your Dog Sleep With You?


How many of us let our dogs sleep in bed with us? I have three bodies sleeping with me; ranging from 12 pounds to 60 pounds. I have a very comfortable California King bed. I only get to sleep in a space smaller than a twin bed. Douke, who is my pit mix and is the 60 pounder, loves to snuggle in next to me with his head on the pillow and his body plastered against me. Rio, a chi/brussles mix, has to be lifted onto my bed (so I'm encouraging this horrible behavior!!). He sleeps curled against my knees. And Lily, my mini schnauzer, sleeps on the pillows by my head. Danali, my aussie, chow, golden mix, prefers to sleep in her bed on the floor. She wakes me up in the morning by putting her front paws on the bed and licking me awake.

We have a definite routine. I usually am on my computer at night. When I turn the computer off, there is a very tiny ding sound. The minute the dogs hear this ding, they all get up, wait for me to turn off the lights, and then we all trek up the stairs en masse, they wait for me to open the door to "our" bedroom, and then Douke flies onto my bed and makes himself comfortable and waits for me to climb in. Lily and Rio watch my bedroom routine and know when the light in the bathroom is turned off, they head for the bed and wait for me to pick them up and put them on the bed. Then everyone wrestles and bickers for a few minutes until I say, "STOP" and they all go to their favorite spot and settle in for the night. Danali is a lady and does her own thing. She does come by for a huge kiss goodnight.

I think by now it is obvious I am single. Would I allow this if I were married? Only if my mate was on the same page as me and didn't mind furry bodies (other than me) sleeping with him. If he did mind, then I would have the comfiest beds possible for my dogs and they would sleep in the room with us.

My customers and I have had many conversations regarding pets sleeping in our beds. The general consensus among married people is that the husbands don't always like the dogs in bed, while the wives don't mind it at all.

There is a downside to my dogs sleeping with me. My bed has paw prints, shredded fur and soggy chew bones. The biggest plus is waking up to all these happy faces.



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