One of the tests of true love centers on how we cope with it when our beloved cuts loose with a wicked fart (and then blames it on the dog). This is also true when it comes to our beloved pets.

If our pooches have been passing gas with a terrible regularity, is there anything we can do about it? The cures are generally the same to how we might cure ourselves.

Doggie “wind” has one of several sources. They may be “wolfing” their food, gobbling air as they swallow too fast. They may be eating the wrong foods – too many sprouts, too many beans. Their overall diet may be of poor quality – cheap dog food, too many leftover scraps.

The last two problems can be solved with a diet high in quality – good fiber, good protein and the best name brands. If your pooch “wolfs” their food (and this is often the case for rescues) what you need to do is feed them their meals in smaller portions, at intervals, so that they don’t rush. The thing to remember is that they are suffering indigestion exactly the way we humans do when we get gassy.

How do we cure that problem in ourselves? Our pets are helped in the same ways. We sell a great dog dish on the market that prevents dogs from wolfing down their food. Wouldn’t it be nice if they invented a dish for us, too?

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