Cleaning Those Pesky Anal Glands is Important


You may find yourselves laughing at your poor pooch as it scoots its itching butt across the floor. Think again.  This could be a serious warning of an impacted or infectious anal gland.
It’s important to be mindful of this important detail in every dog’s basic hygiene. Their anal glands gather toxins over time and store them. They need to be “expressed,” which is to say pressed to release stored-up wastes on a regular basis and this is best done with professional help. It’s a healthy preventative to help alleviate infection or even prevent ruptures.
At Shaggy Chic, we express anal glands for the smaller breeds. The larger breeds, generally, will express them on their own. And, we will not express the glands internally. If a dog needs a deeper express, we refer the owner to their vet. 
If you haven’t yet done this, be sure to ask your local groomer for an “Anal Express.”  At Shaggy chic, we encourage our pet owners to pop in for a quick anal express, and nail trim in between baths, if needed. We understand how important it is for a dog to release built up fluids. After all, the anal glands are a dog’s ID card to other dogs.  
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