Choosing The Right Harness Makes Your Pet Feel Safe


A customer came into my shop yesterday and told us that a stranger had come up to her, and told her: “That harness you have on your dog is ugly and too big.” I hated to agree, but he was right. After she dropped her dog off, we tried on a fine harness that we carry in the shop – it works with a Velcro seal on the back and a clip for extra security. It not only fit him perfectly, but looked great on him. The dog walked “taller” and seemed so much more comfortable, secure, and happy.
We carry different types of harnesses here. One choice slips over the head and fastens around the body with a clip. Another style, which is quite popular because it is so easy to put on, is the step in. The front legs "step into" the harness and the harness wraps around the body and simply clasps together. We have one other that is made from leather and is a step-in and buckles on the top.
If you wonder why a harness might be preferable to a simple collar, consider this. Many dogs who wear a flexible harness, eliminate pressure from their necks and prevent possible trachea and other injuries that collars might cause. They also work much, much better for teaching your puppy not to pull when you are training them. The tension is more evenly distributed around the pooch’s body. What’s more, while some wily characters are able to pull their heads free of their collar, a good harness fits snugly around any dog’s shoulder and chest. You are able to have better control. Always make sure your harness slides easily over your pet’s head,  and fits comfortably around their body, and that they are able to freely move about. Let your pup wear the new harness around the house for a few hours, allowing time to adjust to the new feel before you go out on your first jaunt.
I have plenty of beautiful collars and great harnesses in my shop. I will always advise my customers to buy a collar for fashion and for dog tags, and the harness for safety and better control over their pet.
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