Celebrate Kate and William’s Wedding with your Dogs

If you loved the recent movie The King’s Speech, you may have noticed a brood of adorable dogs circling around the little actress playing the future Queen Elizabeth. These are called Corgis. (The full name of the breed is “Pembroke Welsh Corgi.”) They have foxy faces with pointy ears, long bodies with tiny legs like Dachshunds, and three-color coat of white, orange and black.

They are hardworking little herders. Tiny as they are, they can run circles around any group of cattle, and guide them where they need to go. They’re so smart and affectionate that it’s no wonder young Elizabeth loved them. She has owned over thirty Corgis since she became Queen in 1953.

On April 29th, there will be a Royal Wedding for Prince William and his beloved, Kate Middleton. Will this young couple receive a gift of Corgis? It is well known that Kate loves her Cocker Spaniel, Otto. Last summer this love was sorely tested when Otto swallowed a very rare and extremely expensive pair of pearl earrings that William had given Kate as an engagement gift. The bride-to-be was reduced to taking Otto for a number of extra walks and examining his droppings in hopes of getting the pearls back. She found them. They were beyond repair, but William happily got her another, saying, “I’m just glad Otto’s all right.”

Whatever kind of dog they get in years to come, that will be one well- loved little pet.

If you want to celebrate the Royal Wedding with your pet, come by and look at our selection of British  “royal charms.” We have little crowns and other noble trinkets to grace your furry friend’s collar in regal style. And to embellish the trinkets, we also have very cute, reasonably priced t-shirts and hoodies. T-shirts have a rhinestone crown on the back and are available in bright pink, purple, aqua. The red t-shirt has Big Ben and says London in rhinestones. The hoodies have the union jack in rhinestones and come in a creamy white or red color. The sizes range from itty-bitty to the size of a med/large dog.

You are welcome to drop by for a look.

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