Can Your Pet Be Your Valentine?

Here it is already, that special day of the year when we remember those we love most. Our pets don’t know February from October, or the 14th from the 31st, but WE do! And they are always happier with us when we make an extra fuss over them.

How may of you do special things for your pet? Love letters won’t quite do it, and candy is obviously bad for them, but dogs especially love walks and to inhale all the wonderful aromas only dogs can sense. One aroma we do share a love for with out four-footed friends are flowers. If you know of some particularly crowded flower gardens in your neighborhood, or shrubs close to the street that are bursting with roses, gardenias, jasmine or any other lovely scent, you might want to plan an extra slow walk in that area and let your little friend linger for an extra time. Smells are like music for them. They’ll enjoy it, and you will even more so for making the extra effort.

What else might you do? Like us, our pets do love treats. Possibly get them a new toy, t-shirt or jacket – always a nice treat, especially as weather is still cold in most parts of the country.

We humans love to fantasize about Cupid on the 14th of February, but you know what? The animals we love are already our Cupids, this and every other day of the year. On Valentine’s Day, we not only get to remind ourselves of this important fact, but share it with those who are already in the habit of giving us love.

We have cute collars; t-shirts, jackets and healthy cookies here in our shop if you’re thinking you’d like to spoil your best friend.

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