Can Your Dog Become A Hollywood Star


All of us share our lives with at least one adorable dog. Making them the center of our attention is a natural part of the relationship. Sooner or later, we have a pet in our lives that is so naturally the center of attention, that wherever we go, our neighbors and family, or sometimes complete strangers will make sweet comments. “Oh, your dog’s a little star! “


If we hear this often enough, we may start wondering, and even daydreaming….what if our pet has real talent? Is it possible that with the right connections, they might become an actual star on TV, or in the movies? And then make more money than we already do? Is there a place we can take them to find out if they have talent?


There are training schools and talent agents. If your pet is clever, as well as cute, and you are ready to be persistent about exploring these options, you will have a fair chance to succeed. Most of the tricks dogs are asked to do on-camera are very simple:  Bow, bark on cue, hide their eyes, wave, and play dead. The more complicated requests involve sneezing on cue, touching a target, backing up. Usually, any smart pooch can master these commands. Not only do we have to train our pet, as their owner, our responsibility is to train ourselves to give simple and clear commands and be consistent with our pet.


The most demanding part of the job for a dog in movies does not involve being cute, or precise in their tricks. The really hard part for the pet is staying calm and focused. They will have to be able to perform with precision in strange places, around dozens, or hundreds of unfamiliar people who will be milling around. So, you have to ask yourself if your pet is really up for this, or is this what you want? As with all things involving the animal you love, the important thing is that you need to know your pet’s personality and what their needs are.

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